Comstor ondersteunt Cisco’s Global Partner Network for Telepresence-as-Agent initiatiefComstor Unveils Broad-Based Support for Cisco’s Global Partner Network for TelePresence Distributor-as-Agent Init

Extra supportinfrastructuur voor resellerpartners, ondersteund door Comstors wereldwijde procurementsysteem

Houten, 1 september 2011 – Comstor – de in Cisco gespecialiseerde business unit van Westcon Group en een van ’s werelds grootste distributeurs van Cisco-producten – gaat het Global Partner Network (GPN) voor Cisco’s TelePresence Distributor-as-Agent programma ondersteunen. Het GPN-programma voorziet in de wereldwijde behoeften van klanten, door een optimale inzet van de kennis en expertise van partners. Comstor zal hiervoor gebruikmaken van zijn Global Procurement System (GPS), dat momenteel wordt ingezet voor het uitrollen van oplossingen in meerdere landen. GPS helpt partners bij operaties op een wereldwijde schaal, doordat het de barrières wegneemt die vaak optreden bij internationale projecten. GPS is bedoeld om het projectbeheer bij partners te stroomlijnen en zorgt voor coördinatie op lokaal niveau, waarbij volledig wordt voldaan aan alle geldende overheidsregels en belastingwetgeving. ‘Distributor-as-Agent’ is een van de onderdelen van Cisco’s GPN-programma voor Cisco TelePresence. Hiermee kunnen Cisco-partners optreden als host op het hoofdkantoor van de klant, om de wereldwijde uitrol van een oplossing te coördineren.

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Comstor Unveils Broad-Based Support for Cisco’s Global Partner Network for TelePresence Distributor-as-Agent Initiative

Offers Reseller Partners Complementary Support Infrastructure; Backed by Distributor’s Powerful Global Procurement System

Tarrytown NY, September 1, 2011 – Comstor, the business unit of Westcon Group dedicated to global distribution of Cisco products, today unveiled support for the Global Partner Network (GPN) for Cisco’s TelePresence Distributor-as-Agent track.  The GPN program allows customers to better utilize Cisco partner resources to service their global requirements.

Comstor will leverage its Global Procurement System (GPS), which is used currently to support cross-border rollouts. GPS helps partners execute on a global scale by removing obstacles typically associated with global distribution.  GPS is aimed at helping partners streamline project management and ensure coordination at the local level – while fully complying with government and tax laws.

“Westcon Group brings 25 years of distribution experience to our partners, with operations on six continents and a strong local presence.  GPN builds on this two-fold strength by utilizing GPS to address the needs of telepresence resellers and integrators. The initiative makes it easier for Cisco partners to assist customers in creating centralized design and purchasing decisions — while working locally to manage global product and services delivery,” said Jon Pritchard, President, Comstor.

Distributor-as-Agent is one track in Cisco’s GPN program made available for Cisco TelePresence.  The program permits Cisco partners to act as host in the customer’s headquarters for a globally coordinated solution.  Cisco’s Distributor-as-Agent track for TelePresence is an enhancement to the existing GPN program, empowering partners to more efficiently conduct project management, delivery and logistics globally for their customers’ telepresence requirements.

“As our customers evolve and expand, they’re continuously asking for ways to broaden operations in new countries, without sacrificing the ability to work with local channel partners.  That’s what GPN is all about,” said Ricardo Moreno, Senior Director, Worldwide Channels Strategy, Planning & Programs at Cisco.  “Comstor has proven its expertise on an international scale and we believe that, together, we can provide global customers with a solution allowing them to think globally while still acting locally.”

The new GPN track is available to Cisco TelePresence Video Advanced, Advanced Plus, and Master Authorized Technology Provider Partners.  Benefits for partners include: a deal support team composed of distributor resources for host partners; a streamlined process from quotation through fulfillment and invoicing; and centralized support via global order management.

Unlike other distributors, Comstor employs sophisticated distribution management and a single image type ERP system — permitting an enhanced global rollout leveraging logistics and procurement intelligence on a worldwide basis with a single Comstor contact.

Pritchard continued, “GPN is creating a unique framework to collaborate, transact and help partners fulfill global customer requirements.  Together, Cisco and Comstor are delivering one of the industry’s most powerful programs – facilitating more efficient collaboration and empowering partners better serve customers in a more unified manner.”

Acting as a support infrastructure for resellers, the Comstor program includes the following services:

  • Staging/Configuration:  Utilizing worldwide logistics centers, customers benefit from staging and configuration services – a capability many other distributors cannot provide.
  • Locally Processed Transactions:  Processing local transactions on all six inhabited continents where inventory and shipping occur locally.  This facilitates faster delivery times, fewer customer hassles, lower shipping costs, and tax recoverability for the local end-user client.
  • Global Trade, Customs, and Excise Duties Expertise:  As a true multinational distributor, Comstor brings more than two decades of experience in international logistics, customs and duties.
  • Local Currency Invoicing:   Generating local currency invoices in each region where the company has a presence, meaning fewer conversion rate changes and faster processing.
  • Strategic Stocking:  Ensuring inventory is always on-hand by geography.  State-of-the-art warehousing capabilities and logistics centers track and manage all product levels.
  • Tax/Export Law Compliance:  A sophisticated ERP/GPS system delivers detailed tracking, identification and alerting to ensure compliance with laws surrounding technology export and taxation.

To learn more about Comstor’s broad-based support for Cisco’s Global Partner Network for TelePresence Distributor-as-Agent initiative, please read the Westcon CTO’s blog at:  http://westconcto.wordpress.com/.

For detailed information regarding Comstor’s Global Procurement System, please visit: www.comstor.com/content/services/overview/gps.

Additionally, you can “Like” our Facebook pages at www.facebook.com/westcongroup orwww.facebook.com/comstorworldwide.

Over Comstor Nederland

Comstor is de in Cisco gespecialiseerde business unit van Westcon Group, een van de grootste distributeurs van Cisco-producten en toonaangevend distributeur op het gebied van data centers, netwerken, beveiliging, mobility en convergence voor de belangrijkste leveranciers in deze industrie, waaronder Cisco, Avaya, Brocade, Check Point, HP ArcSight, Polycom en RSA. Westcon Group levert producten en diensten aan resellers, systems integrator en service providers. Westcon Group bezit diepgaande expertie in de convergentie van spraak-, data- en videotoepasingen en -technologieën, inclusief Voice-over-IP (VoIP), beveiliging voor netwerken en communicatiesystemen, toegang op afstand (remote access), internet en e-business, virtual private networks, videoconferencing en draadloze connectiviteit. Voor meer informatie over Westcon Group: www.westcongroup.com Voor meer informatie over Comstor Nederland: www.nl.comstor.com/.

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